Slim Refrigerator

The new floating film techniques make it possible to use textured patterns giving the model a unique appearance. The film mimic wood grain patterns make the panels look and feel like real wood. The film easily wraps around corners and bends making it seamless and adding a great look to the product. This model would be made with high grade materials such as stainless steel side panels and a glass pedestal making it appear to float from the ground. Also the interior of the refrigerator had to match the exterior and must be able to accommodate a few customized arrangements for wine connoisseurs, vegetarians and meat-eaters.

My role for this project was to brainstorm on ideas for a new refrigerator for high end niche market users. The first part of the project was to make a criteria and then capture those key points in ideation sketches and in the prototype stage. I was in charge of the liaison between the prototype maker and paint maker to transform our idea into reality. I worked with engineers to resolve issues about the the cabinet being hoisted from the ground and rested on a pedestal. Unfortunately it never made it to final production, but I had the opportunity to lead the project up to prototype stage.