Design Director
Karl Wong

Karl Wong is a Canadian Chinese product designer whom is the design director of kwdezn. His products ranges from Electronics, kitchenware and home accessories. Karl had his degree from Ontario College of Arts and Design in Toronto and Masters of Industrial Design with high honors at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He has been working for global corporations such as Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu Design LTD located in Tokyo.

Senior Industrial Designer
Quan Li

Quan Li is an industrial designer with 10 years of experience in the industry. Li graduated from Pratt Institute. Born and raised in New York, currently living in Hong Kong developing his latest collection of housewares and electronics.

Junior Designer
Justin Yu

Justin Yu is currently attending Hong Kong Polytechnic University studying electronic information engineering and product design. He is also pursuing his Masters Degree at Pratt Institute. Justin with his talent in both fields of study has a bright future a head of him.

Jason Pang

Jason Pang is a talented graduate from the Faculty of Environment and Design of the Technological Higher Educational Institute in HK. Jason’s strong passion for design and his CAD skills has contributed to the concept development stages.