KWDEZN is an industrial design and brand development agency based in Hong Kong. Karl Wong is a Canadian Chinese product designer whom is also the founder and design director of KWDEZN. Wong’s designs are highly specialized designs with the influence of east and west styling delivering a range of unique products from electronics, furniture, kitchen utensils to home appliances. His client’s include Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu LTD, TTI Industries, Feshtec, Liricco Technologies, Kinox, Maria Carla and Five Star Enterprises.


Our service is to provide excellent product design services from proper research development to a complete and holistic approach to product development. We are also flexible to assist on various stages of the project depending on client requirements. Our range of expertise from product development, marketing and branding knowledge and packaging identity to stay competitive in the industry. Most importantly we listen to our client’s needs and exceed all expectations. Our well balanced team is dedicated to delivering projects a success because we have passion in what we do.